Software verification tools/Model-based/Engineering services

Embedded Software
Development and Verification Tools


As one of the leading tool vendors in Japan, Gaio provides embedded software development tools, software analysis/verification tools, and virtual verification tools that utilize our core technologies. We also provide measures to ensure automobile functional safety.

ISO 26262
Safety & Security


Gaio is enhancing its tools and services to address safety and security initiatives. We have released safety concept design support tools and security analysis support tools for ISO 26262 compliance. We also provide implementation support for the introduction of safety and security processes and methodologies.

Between the sophistication of programming languages and modeling and the narrowness of machine words, it demonstrates a twinning presence that has been providing tool development capabilities and abstraction and virtualization technologies for 40 years, along with the evolution of computer resources.

Gaio's core competence
  • High-level Language Editing Technology
  • Architecture Utilization Technology
  • Tool Development Capability
  • Tool Chain Maintenance Capability
  • Parsing Technique
  • Abstraction Technology/
    Virtualization Technology

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