Basic Information Security Policy

Enactment date : 2013/4/1
Revised date : 2014/10/15

Yoshikazu Nakamura

Objective of the ISMS

We are committed to contributing to society through our business of selling embedded development and verification tools based on microcomputer code analysis technology and simulation technology, as well as our model core development business and advanced quality technology solution business based on experience, know-how and essential quality awareness cultivated through tool development and sales.
In order to continuously and stably implement this business activity, we have established the following basic policies and will thoroughly comply with all of our board members, employees (including employees, part-time employees, partner company employees, part-time employees, etc.) and all business partners related to the business.

Basic policy

  • Ensure the safety of information assets handled in promoting the above three businesses.
  • We will periodically review and make improvements in accordance with the ISO27001.
  • To maintain safety, we will regularly educate all employees and business partners on information security.
  • In the event of a violation of the Information Security Regulations, we will impose a penalty on all personnel, including all business partners related to the business.


The above three businesses are applicable to all information assets and all divisions handled in the same business.
Outsourcers are also obliged to ensure information security in compliance with this policy.

Organizational structure

The Information Security Committee shall be established under the President and CEO of the ISMS.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with laws and regulations related to information security, including the copyright law, personal information protection law, and illegal access prohibition law, as well as with industry guidelines and the responsibilities incurred in contract with customers.

Business continuity

We will take measures to ensure business continuity by minimizing business interruptions due to natural disasters, accidents, breakdowns, etc.