Regarding the ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certification of our Tools

  • Target Industries : Automotive/FA/Home electronics/Medical/OA and other industries
  • Target Category : Embedded Software Development Division
Regarding the ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certification of our Tools

Third-party certification organization TUV SUD granted our tools certification for the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standards

GAIO's test tools, CoverageMaster winAMS, CasePlayer2, and MC-Verifier, are tool-certified by TUV SUD, a German third-party certification organization, for development of in-vehicle Software that complies with the Automotive Functional Safety Standards (ISO 26262).

Certificate awarding ceremony

ISO 26262 Tool Functional Safety Standards for Automobiles Certification Acquired for the First Time in the Asian Region, Including Japan

On June 28, 2012, CoverageMaster winAMS/ General was the first Asian product in Japan and other Asian countries to acquire Tools certification for the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Standard for Automobiles from TUV SUD of Germany, a third-party certification organization.
Through this tool certification, GAIO's CoverageMaster winAMS/ General and Program Analysis Tool CasePlayer2 were recognized by TUV SUD as tools that comply with all safety integrity levels during the Static Analysis and Unit Test phases.

Compatible with all ASIL and TCLs

In-vehicle Software development projects that comply with ISO 26262 require that you set the TCL (Tool Confidence Level) of the tools you use. The use of tool-certified GAIO tools allows users to omit tool-certification tasks regardless of TCL.
Since acquiring this certification, each major version of CoverageMaster, CasePlayer2, and MC-Verifier has been re-certified.

Tool certification history

CoverageMaster winAMS V3. 5 2012/6 Certification: ISO 26262
For the CoverageMaster winAMS V3. 6 and CasePlayer2 V5.6, we became the first in the Asian region, including Japan, to acquire tool certification for the functional safety standard ISO 26262 for automobiles.
CoverageMaster winAMS V3. 6 2013/06 Re-Certification: ISO 26262/IEC 61508
CoverageMaster winAMS/ General obtained tool certification again in 2013/6/21 by adding the measurement functions of "Function Coverage" and "Call Coverage" required in the join test phase and by implementing the requirements of IEC 61508, the metastandard of ISO 26262.
CoverageMaster winAMS V3. 7 2014/12 Re-Certification: ISO 26262/IEC 61508
"CoverageMaster winAMS/ General" obtained tool certification again in 2014/12/17 by adding the implementation of "Test Data Analysis Editor" which can be used in required specification unit test data design and "Command Line Interface (CLI)" for test automation.
CoverageMaster winAMS V6. 0 2015/09 Re-Certification: ISO 26262/IEC 61508
"CoverageMaster winAMS/ General" received tool certification again in 2015/09/18 after adding support for "parallel execution of microcomputer simulators" and "improved interface".
MC-Verifier V2.0 2016/06 Certification: ISO 26262/IEC 61508
Back-to-Back Test Tool MC-Verifier V2. 0 for Automotive Embedded Software has acquired Functional Safety (ISO 26262 / IEC 61508) tool certification from German TUV SUD.
CoverageMaster winAMS V6.2 2017/06 Re-Certification: ISO 26262/IEC 61508
"CoverageMaster winAMS/ General" reinforced the "Test Case Generation Editor" function and re-acquired tool certification.
MC-Verifier V3.0 2017/06 Re-Certification: ISO 26262/IEC 61508
"MC-Verifier" implemented "collaboration of test data from other companies" and "enhancement of Function Outline" and was re-certified as a test tool.
CoverageMaster winAMS V6.3 The CoverageMaster winAMS/ General improved the batch-execution function to promote test automation and increased the memory capacity to accommodate large-scale Software, and obtained tool certification again.

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