Company Information

Company Information

Comprehensive supplier in embedded software development

GAIO Technology started in 1980 with the in-house development of a cross compiler for embedded development, followed by a test tool for embedded Software based on source code analysis technology and simulator technology. We also provide engineering services: we are currently supporting our clients in the major automobile manufacturers and suppliers with model-based development, test processes, and toolchain building and operation.

Developed Test tools that became the standard in the automotive industry

The "Coverage Master winAMS" and "CasePlayer2" Unit Test tools for embedded Software are GAIO's flagship products with many users. We developed a system to run tests at Assembly Code level without modifying the embedded source code, and have received a lot of support from the field of automotive control Software, which demands high Software quality to ensure safety. The tools got the Certification for automotive functional safety (ISO 26262) and are now the de facto standard for automotive Software unit test tools.

Company Information

Company name GAIO TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.
Business Content 1. Embedded Software Development & Verification Tools Development, Sales, and Maintenance Business
 • Unit/Integration Test tools (compliant with functional safety standards)
 • Model-Based Development Test Tools
 • Code analysis tool (in compliance with functional safety standards) Cross-compiler
  and other cross-development tools
 • Embedded system simulator
2. Engineering services and technician dispatch business
 • Support for model-based development
 • Embedded Software quality-improvement, consulting
 • Development/Test processes design and operation
 • Unit Test Outsourcing services
 • Functional safety support
Established 1980/3/21
Capital 298 million (JPY)
Board Members Chairman: Shosuke Kaburagi
President : Yoshikazu Nakamura
Vice president : Yoji Iwai
Director : Takashi Takahashi
Director : Masayuki Kikuchi
Director : Shoki Tanabashi
Auditor : Toru Wada
Number of Employees 132 (as of March 2020)
Trading Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Shibuya Branch,
Yokohama Bank Yokohama Station Front Branch

□□ Head office (Tennozu office)

〒140-0002Higashi-Shinagawa 2-2-4, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Tennozu First Tower 25th floor

□□ Technical Center (Matsuyama Office)

〒790-00037-13-13, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Mitsune building Room 502
Labor Dispatch Business
Dispatch permit No.
Dispatch 13-307216
Member of the following organizations  • AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) : Development Partner
 • JasPar (Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture): Quasi-member
 • ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems): Member
 • Embedded Multi-Core Consortium (EMC): Regular member
 • Safety Concept Notation Study Group (SCN-SG) Steering Committees
 • vECU-MBD working group members
 • Embedded Systems Engineering Society (JASA): Regular member
Affiliated company Innotech Corporation
Sales Agents
(GAIO TECHNOLOGY Authorized Dealer in China)
Post Code:200050
ISMS conformity assessment system certification

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