Automatic Program Documentation Creation for Mre Effective Software Reviews

  • Target Industries : Automotive/FA/Home electronics/Medical/OA and other industries
  • Target Category : Embedded Software Development Division

Program specification preparation and analysis tool for Embedded C/C++

CasePlayer2 is a tool for creating program specifications such as flowcharts by analyzing ANSI compliant C language, C++ (*C++ 11/14 compliant), and C language (non ANSI) for embedded projects. It strongly supports logic analysis of past source codes and specification preparation work. A rule-checking function for the C-language coding convention "MISRA-C" is provided.

Examples of CasePlayer2 utilization

CasePlayer2 is a tool that converts the source code to a visual chart in situ. It can be used at various points in the development process, such as analyzing source codes and creating program specifications.
  • Feature 1
    Simple and automatic generation of various specifications by merely registering the source code
    "CasePlayer2" is a reverse CASE tool that analyzes embedded source codes to create program specifications such as flowcharts. Applying GAIO's base technology, compiler technology, and generates various charts through parsing. There is no need to add any special charting descriptions, which are common to other CASE tools. It also boasts overwhelming performance in converting tens of thousands of lines of C source code into charts in seconds.
  • Feature 2
    Generates reference lists, typedef lists, and various reference lists (see here) of external variables using the static analysis function.
    The ability to statically analyze the source code to generate lists and reference information for external variables is supported. Over the entire project, you can see in the list where the external variables are referenced and written. From the list, you can also jump to the actual line in the source code. It is a powerful feature that enables you to quickly find illegal reads/writes in variables and discover unexpected bugs on the desk.
  • Feature 3
    Optimal printing layout for no wasted space in printouts
    Output in Word formats and HTML documents are also available.
    The CasePlayer2 has a function that creates layouts for optimized flowcharts that do not create wasted space on the printed paper. This performance overwhelms the functionality of third-party CASE tools, allowing you to create the optimum output layouts with the smallest number of sheets in-situ by simply changing the output magnification. All specifications other than the flowchart can be printed in the same way. In addition, these printed specifications can be output in HTML, Word (doc) format with free magnification settings.
  • Feature 4
    Functional Safety Standards IEC 61508 and Automotive Functional Safety Standards ISO 26262 Tool Certification Acquired
    Together with the CoverageMaster winAMS, the CasePlayer2 has been re-certified for its tools by adding compatibility to the ISO 26262 meta-standard IEC 61508. It is recognized as a potential tool in a variety of industries requiring test evidence of functional safety.
  • Function 01

    Automatically generates program charts only by registering source code files

    • [Generated specifications]
      • Flowchart
      • Module(Function)Specification
      • Module Structure
      • Module(Function)List
      • Structure Specification
      • Structure List

      [Specifications generated from static analysis]
      • External variable list, typedef list, #define list, external variable reference list, function reference list, structure reference list, structure member reference list
  • Function 02

    Compatible with MISRA-C1998, MISRA-C2004 equipped with "MISRA-C" coding rule check function

    • MISRA-C is a guideline for the use of C languages for automotive software created by the non-profit organization MISRA (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) on the reliability of software organized by the automotive industry. Recently, this MISRA standard has begun to be adopted in fields other than in-vehicle software.
      CasePlayer2 supports this "MISRA-C" parsing feature. GAIO's code-analysis technologies cultivated through the development of compilers enable us to discover deviations from the rules contained in various descriptions that vary from user to user, and compared with other companies' rule checkers, the "depth" of CasePlayer2 analysis is highly regarded. Rules to be checked are freely selectable. * The MISRA rule check function is not supported for C++. Only code metric information output supports C++.

Function Outline

Supported languages C/C++ language, ANSI compliant C language, C language for embedding (non ANSI)
Specified Browser Integration of specification preparation and free movement between each specification sheet
Specification file output MS-Word formats, HTML
Print layout Optimum printing layout function that eliminates waste output paper at a free reduction rate, customizing the layout function, and automatic table of contents addition function
Output image files Output of Image file (BMP, PNG) of flowchart and module structure diagram
MISRA-C rule-checking MISRA-1998, MISRA-2004, rule selection function, rule description help manual

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