• 2023/08/28
  • NEWS

Product Version Update Information (CMW RXv2, RXv3)

Thank you for using Gaio Technology products.
The following Product Update has taken place.

Update Information

[Product name]
Coverage Master winAMS

[Product Version]
Simulator Engine: SX (High Speed)
Renesas Electronics RXv2
Renesas Electronics RXv3

Update Contents

Compiler Compatibility

Renesas Electronics RXv2 Processor Model hsnhtc:V1.04.1 (* Version is unchanged)
Renesas Electronics RXv3 Processor Model hsnhtd:V1.03.1
OMF Converter RxlarOmf: V1.2.0.1

• The following compilers have been implemented.
Target Compiler: IAR compiler (iccrx) V4.20.3

Revoked Restrictions

• RXv2 compatible IAR Compiler (iccrx) V4.10.1 is now compatible with DWARF4 Format.
– The [--no_dwarf4] debug option was required when compiling, but this restriction has been removed.
– Previously, objects created using the link option [--debug_lib] were not supported. This restriction has now been removed.

Added Restrictions

• The following restrictions have been added for RXv2 compatible IAR Compiler (iccrx) V4.10.1
– In the Test Data Settings of Coverage Master winAMS, 8-byte strings cannot be used for Input/Output