• 2023/09/25
  • NEWS

Product Version Update Information (PROMPT)

Thank you for using Gaio Technology products.
The following Product Update has taken place.

Update Information

[Product name] PROMPT
[Product Version] V2.9
[Release Date] 2023/9/25

Update Contents

Functional Improvements

• Improved Environment Support
–Matlab Versions Implemented
MATLAB R2022b,R2023a added as compatible environments
Models created in MATLAB R2022b and R2023a can now be executed in PROMPT
–Test Execution Host OS
PROMPT can now be operated on Windows11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2022.

• Improved Performance
–Improved Test Generation efficiency for Models which give a Simulation Error when a signal deviates from its defined range.
–Single-Step Test Data can now be created and used. Previously a minimum of two steps was required.

• Improved Usability
–ExportTestDataTable Output Specification has been improved to include additional property data such as Data Type.
–Reduced non-relevant MATLAB/Simulink warning output during Harness Model creation.
–If Error E209 occurs causing cancellation of Test Creation, the Error content returned by Simulink is now shown in the Command Window to enable investigation of the cause of the error.

• Improved Operation
–A problem which caused processing of tests that include fixed point calibration values to fail and issue a warning in the Command Window has been fixed.
–A problem which caused failure of the report output during calibration of boolean values has been fixed.
–A problem which caused failure of the output functions during calibration of fixed point constants in test generation with MATLAB R2015a SP1 or R2015b has been fixed.
–A problem which led to incorrect values in ExportTestDataTable has ben corrected.
–The content of the Signal Template file produced by GetTemplateSpecificationFormat has been improved for cases where Test input included Path Vectors.

Manual Improvements

• Correction of Errors
–The File Specification for Untreated Block Reports included information that is not actually output. This has been corrected.

• Additional Constraints
–ID1244: Test Data cannot be added in Rapid Accelerator mode for MATLAB R2017a
–ID1315: Test Data cannot be created in Rapid Accelerator Mode if the Simulation Data Inspector Storage Mode is set to Memory.

• Content Improvements
–Explanation of Signal Templates, Test Signal Customization is improved.
–Explanation of ExportTestDataTable added to Tutorial 1 "Generating Test Data for the whole model"
–Added Tutorial 10 "Test Data Output for use as Input to other Tools"
–Values that can be set for Simulation Mode in the General Options have been documented.

Alpha Version Functional Improvements

–Support added for Coverage Measurement in Stateflow Truth Table
It is now possible to measure Coverage for Truth Table Functions in Truth Table Blocks or Charts
–Fixed an issue where error E209 would occur under certain conditions when the diagnosis of a transition action specified before a conditional action was set to error.
–Specification change for Format of reports on unsupported objects and Stateflow Coverage Reports

Alpha Version Constraints

•Added Constraints
Test Data may not be created for Truth Table Charts which include Truth Table Functions when Execute is selected for the Chart at Initialization.
Coverage Measurement Results may be incorrect if a Conditional Action is present in %{... %} and the Action Language is MATLAB.
Pass Count may be counted multiple times in Stateflow Coverage Measurement.
Stateflow Blocks with Triggers are not treated as Triggered Subsystems
ID1157 Truth Tables are excluded from measurement if there are blank or irregular cells in the Condition portion of condition Table.
ID11332 Correct Coverage Measurement cannot be obtained if changes are made to the State of Charts or Data Values in Functions (Truth Table Functions, MATLAB functions etc.) within Charts.

Improved Constraints

Simulation Modes other than Normal cannot be used.
*Range increased from MATLAB R2015a to All Versions.
Limitation on use of Rapid Accelerator Mode has been removed.
*Merged with ID1124