• 2023/12/18
  • NEWS

Product Version Update Information (CMW ARM CA35(AArch32/AArch64))

Thank you for using Gaio Technology products.
The following Product Update has taken place.

Update Information

[Product name]
Coverage Master winAMS

[Target Microcontroller]
Simulator Engine: SX (High Speed)
ARM Cortex-A35/A72(AArch32/AArch64)

Update Contents

ARM Cortex-A35/A72(AArch32) Processor Model hsnatk : V1.02.1
ARM Cortex-A35/A72(AArch64) Processor Model hsnaqk : V1.02.1
OMFconverter ArmOmf : V2.5.0.1

New core support

• The following microcomputer cores are now supported.
Target Microcomputer Core : Cortex-A72(AArch32/AArch64)

New Compiler Compatibility

•The following compiler has been implemented.
Target compiler : ARM compiler (armclang.exe) V6.16.1
*Same as Cortex-A35