• 2024/02/29
  • NEWS

Product Version Update Information (CMW C2000(C28x))

Thank you for using Gaio Technology products.
The following Product Update has taken place.

Update Information

[Product name]
Coverage Master winAMS

[Target Microcontroller]
Simulator Engine: System-G (Standard)
TI C2000 (C28x)

Update Contents

C2000 (C28x) Processor Model : semtt1 : V1.04.1
C2000 (C28x) Reverse Assembler duatt1 : V1.2.0.1
OMFconverter C28xCcsElfOmf : V1.0.0.0

Functional Improvement

• The following Expansion Instructions and Reverse Assembler have been implemented.
– Trigonometric Math Unit Expansion Instructions (TMU0/TMU1)
– Viterbi, Complex Math and CRC Unit-II Expansion Instructions (VCU-II) are treated as NOP Instructions.

New Compiler Compatibility

• The following compiler has been implemented.
Target compiler : TI CCS Compiler (CCS TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v22.6.0.LTS)
– ELF Object Format (EABI) is implemented.
*COFF Object Format (COFF ABI)