• 2024/03/25
  • NEWS

Product Version Update Information (PROMPT)

Thank you for using Gaio Technology products.
The following Product Update has taken place.

Update Information

[Product name] PROMPT
[Product Version] V2.10
[Release Date] 2024/3/25

Update Contents

Functional Improvements

• Improved Support Environment
–MATLAB Version Implemented
MATLAB Version R2023b is now Implemented

• Test Generation Efficiency Improved
–Added Parallel Simulation Processing
Test Generation has been speeded up through parallel processing of Simulation
–Added Test Objectives
Test Objectives can now be assigned by using Active Analysis of Function Suitability (Fitness Method)

• Test Harness Specification improved
–Handling of Enable Terminal changed
The Enable Terminal is included as a Test Input if the Subsystem is an Enable Subsystem
–Test Units are treated as Atomic Sunsystems
The Test Unit is treated as an Atomic Subsystem rather than a Virtual one
–Change in Rounding method for integers
When using Rounding with Test Tools, the Data Type Conversion Block in the Size Type of the Harness Model uses 'Nearest' rather than 'Floor' as Rounding Mode

• Improvement of handled Data types
–NumericType and AliasType are now supported
NumericType and AliasType are now supported in the Constant Propagation Analysis Function and the Fixed Value Calibration Function

Manual Improvements

• Errors have been corrected

• Additional Limitations

Alpha Version Functional Improvements

・Stateflow Coverage Measurement Function has been improved
–ID1399 Corrected problem which caused Report Output Failure when a project is loaded