CasePlayer2 “V6.4.1 (version supporting C ++ 11/14) released

CasePlayer2 “V6.4.1 (version supporting C ++ 11/14) released

In Program specification preparation and analysis tool for Embedded C/C++ "Case Player 2"
"V6.4.1" with the following version upgrades was released.

version-up information

[Product name] CasePlayer2
[Product version] V6.4.1
[Release date] 01/17, 2020
※ Functional Safety (ISO 26262 2nd Edition/IEC 61508) tools are scheduled to be certified by the end of May 2020.

<Added function>
● C++11/14 compliant "C language extension analysis option only
for customers purchasing "C language extension analysis option"

Compatible with C++11 (ISO/IEC 14882:20119) and C++14 (IEC 14882:2014) lingual standards.

For details of product functions, please refer to the following web page.


※ For troubleshooting information, history of version upgrade information, and downloading the latest version in accordance with this release,
Please refer to the User Support page.

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