Response under a state of emergency declaration

Response under a state of emergency declaration

Dear Business Partners,


President Yoshikazu Nakamura


Response under a state of emergency declaration


Following the recent announcements by the government and Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we will inform you of our response below.


After a declaration has been issued that corresponds to an emergency, we aim to maximize business continuity based on government guidelines and taking social responsibility into consideration.


As a general rule, our policy is to maximize the use of telework and continue business without shutting down. However, depending on government guidelines, it is expected that some hindrances and delays will occur in the following operations.


<Possible risks>

   1. Issuing and sending of paper mediums such as purchase orders, delivery invoices/receipts cannot be

       done on time

   2. Contracts cannot be concluded (sealed) by the due date

   3. Products and deliverables (tangible items) are not shipped/delivered by the due date


Risk response is assumed below.


<Response to the above risks>

    1. PDF (without company seal) will be sent by e-mail, and the document with the company seal will be

        mailed later.

    2. It may take more time than normal for a conclusion to be reached so please understand this when

        making requests.

    3. In the unlikely event that the specified delivery date is delayed, we will contact you in advance and

        make individual adjustments.


We will construct a thorough system so as not to hinder business with our business partners, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in cases of emergency.


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