Launch of safety concept design support tool “Safilia R5”

Launch of safety concept design support tool “Safilia R5”

We have released "Safilia R5" with the following version upgrades.

【Version-up information】

Product Name: Safilia
Product version : R5
Release date: 01/27, 202

< Improvements>

① Linking SCDL requirements with fault models, safety analyses and fault chains can now be analyzed in parallel.

② Added guideword functionality to determine possible SR violation malfunctions and measures.
In addition, the completeness of guide words can now be checked.

③ The user-operating procedures for SysML coordination function have been greatly improved and the conversion times for SysML<->SCDL conversion have been shortened.

④ You can now see which requirements on the safety concept diagram will be affected by the fault.

In addition, the effects of safety mechanisms can now be confirmed.
For details on new functions and product functions, refer to the following website.

※ For troubleshooting information, history of version upgrade information, and downloading the latest version in accordance with this release,
Please refer to the User Support page.

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